RN/LPN > BSN program, would Universities accept ITT RNs?

Most universities offer an RN to BSN programs for those who got licensed through an associates degree or a diploma. I know if someone got licensed through a community college they would have no problem getting into a Uni’s RN> BSN program since their credits just transfer over

But when it comes to ‘for profit’ schools like ITT, can a nurse who went to ITT get into a state uni’s RN>BSN or would they be denied?

I asked since some Uni’s simply want the student RN license to qualify for the program (meaning they dont care what institute they went to to obtain it once they are state licensed); while other require the state license AND for that student to have met all the Uni’s prerequisites. So in that case an ITT RN with an associates in nursing may be screwed since ITT doesn’t cover the same curriculum as most other colleges. I dont even think ITT makes their nursing students do math, English, communication and other gen ed stuff like that
But a community college RN will be eligible since he/she would have done math, language and all the other gen eds and prerequisites.

So does anyone know if ITT RN qualify for RN>BSN programs? Also ITT and UOP offer the BSN and post graduate work. Do you think hospitals would recognize them and simply just look at the license? Or are employers really picky about where and how a student became an RN?

RNs on some websites say their boss didnt careless if they got their BSN from a school in hell once they were state licensed while others claimed their boss frowned upon ITT RNs and preferred ones who got their associates or bachelors in nursing from a recognized University

Whats your take? And if you dont know can you please find out for me? I am trying to decide if I wanna go to ITT for the associates and then to a 4 year Uni’s RN?>BSN program, or just go to a 4 year Uni and skip the whole ITT thing.
Thing about it is its super easy to get into the ITT’s nursing program so its tempting, my Uni wants me to do insane things to qualify for their nursing program.

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3 Responses to RN/LPN > BSN program, would Universities accept ITT RNs?

  1. Ashley R says:

    I didn’t know ITT did an RN program. Without talking to that individual school you want, no one can answer the question. I know most LPNs are screwed when they go to private schools because then whatever school they transfer to wants them to either test out or take the GECs like nutrition, anatomy, English, etc.

    I would skip the ITT. I’ve had issues with for-profit schools in the past.

  2. monya says:

    Not sure what is meant by “insane things” to be accepted into a nursing program, but it sounds like ITT is just a stepping stone for you so I would suggest going directly into the program you are seeking from the beginning.

  3. Richard says:

    Most reputable colleges and universities do not honor credits from schlock, for-profit colleges; and the ones you mention are schlock. A few community colleges may honor SOME of the schlock schools’ credits.

    Most employers (other than government agencies) consider graduates from these institutions to be losers who could not get into a reputable school.

    Go to a community college. They are considered reputable.