question on law and police?

iv got a question and any one can comment but please only give advice if you know because im getting stiched up as far as i can see with the law,
builders took 94k out of 100k job 1 year of there lies and takeing cash for work they havent done of done so bad worse than fools diy,
my lover passed away in march 24 08 and the builders think they can just blank my calls and text,so i sent them tex saying that if you dont contact me i will start dumping there rubbish in there gardens,i got visit from police saying it is horasment,that i cannot contact them,so i did i went there and dumped rubbish in there garden,still no reply so week later i did it againmand got attacked by his nurse wife,i tied my camera to my car seet to video it all so i could protect my self from lies,i went to police station AFTER I put video on to youtube so i cannot lose it or police say i cannot use it for evedence,
the confusing thing is im the onley one charged i gave them copy of video showing her attack me and they seem to think it isnt a isue as if im the only one involved is that right or do all involved have to be charged and the courts work out who is guilty,she even got the woman next door who came out with her husband to lie and even say i allmost run her over when i left,

this is a video of her husband black mailing us just before my lover died tht if i didnt delete all pictuers of them and the boiler they installed for 6 months with out a trained fitter they would walk off sight and leave us in a building sight and no gas,(black mailed us day before makeing my lover call up corgi and cancell the inspector that was due out next day,

she has got the court to agree in videolink because she is to frightened to go there ????????
dont want to take the p*** but what do i do put a rope round my neck ?
(spell cheacker gone and i cant be bothered sorry)

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2 Responses to question on law and police?

  1. CAT ^ says:

    Take the bastards to court. I had the same experience with a so called “contractor”. It was always more money and a sloppy job. Take them to court. I enjoyed the trash video. Wish you had more garbage in your car to throw over the fence. They deserved it. Good luck in court. If you’ve got copies of contracts, or quotes, and have documented how much time they’ve spent there, give it to your solicitor.

  2. neoplop says:

    I really can’t see a question in the above. My only suggestion would be to make sure you take your medication every day. It really helps! Best of luck.