Public Health to Nursing?

I have a Bachelors degree in Public Health. I am now wanting to make the transition Nursing my biggest concern is can I do a MSN and become a nurse. My public health degree really covered my research abilities, and my AAS has provided me with the Business and Management skills. So can I go into a MSN program and become a nurse. I know its Usually BSN and the MPH or MSN but at this point I already have a lot invested and do not want to go backwards.

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2 Responses to Public Health to Nursing?

  1. Pooky™ says:

    Actually UCLA has that program, and the head of VA Los Angeles got her MSN and she is now a nurse (she never had her BSN). But if you plan to work in hospital, as most nurses do (as they are trained to do bed side nursing), it’s not the way to do it. MSN is really for nurses who are in charge ** with ** experienced, so you will never be hired as one.

    Do an ABSN instead.

  2. monique says:

    Not all nursing programs have direct MSN entry programs. So you would need to check the State Board of Nursing website for your state to see which programs are in your state. Here is an example of a University with a MSN direct entry program:

    As you can see from this program the first 18 months will prepare you to be eligible to take the NCLEX… would be also doing clinicals. After that point then you would have your other nursing curriculum.

    Personally, I think a direct entry program like this for a non-nurse would be very challenging. Not impossible, but challenging. You will be text book savvy, but coming out with a MSN with zero nursing skills trying to find a job.

    You could always do a BSN accelerated program which is geared towards applicants with non-nursing degrees…..usually are approximately 18 months year straight through all semesters. Then once you get experience, you can always go back for a MSN later on. If you are taking on student loans, it will be a lot better to wait because the direct entry MSN program above (link) was approximately 75 semester hours. And graduate school fees per credit hour are a lot more than undergraduate courses.

    These programs both the BSN accelerated and direct entry MSN programs both require pre-reqs… that may be an extra 12 semester hours or so you need before you can get into a program.