President Obama Holds A Health Care Town Hall At Aarp

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10 Responses to President Obama Holds A Health Care Town Hall At Aarp

  1. grainy123 says:

    thats bullshit

  2. SickOfPunditsOnTV says:

    Let me clarify a HUGE Misunderstanding in America. YOU have CONTROL over Govt! You DON’T have control over CORPORATIONS. If you don’t like a Govt, change it (Elections). But you can do NOTHING against getting RIPPED OFF (Tyranny) by Corporate Mafias, like the Health Insurance Co.s. For example:- Discrimination of people with Pre existing Conditions. – Selecting ONLY the healthiest people to insure. – Dropping YOU when you fall sick (Cancer, Accidents, Need a transplant etc)

  3. SickOfPunditsOnTV says:

    Right now, Health Insurance Co.s (HIC) executives are STANDING between you and your doctor,denying you treatment, cherry picking only the healthiest people to insure and yet denying them care when they fall sick. HIC execs are telling your doctor which pill to prescribe.

  4. SickOfPunditsOnTV says:

    Private Health Insurance Co.s (HIC) and their Repugliban puppets are doing everything to maintain their POWER over the American People. HIC want to continue SCAMMING us out of our money and DENYING us CARE! Standing BETWEEN YOU and YOUR Doctor, they deny the doctor’s prescription if it is expensive, making sure you get the CHEAPEST pill, NOT the MOST EFFECTIVE! HIC have ONLY ONE concern: Pay minimum, maximize profit, get HUGE BONUSES!

  5. allgoo19 says:

    fivestarmichael: “Google “parcel shipping: USPS reports…”Where did you see the $80 Billion loss a year by USPS? Did you make it up?By USPS, 3 lbs pkg. from LA to NY costs $4.98 delivered in 2-3 business days (Priority mail)By UPS, same pkg. costs $12.59 delivered? in 5-7 business daysIf I was in charge of USPS, I’d jack up the price just below UPS and the loss will be gone in seconds. Aren’t you glad USPS isn’t a for-profit enterprise?

  6. fivestarmichael says:

    Google “Parcel shipping: USPS reports fiscal third quarter loss of $2.4 billion”I was wrong, it is a $7 billion projected loss by the end of the year. The article I found is dated August 6, 2009.

  7. allgoo19 says:

    fivestarmichael: “Of course it costs them…”Your source?Here’s mine: Google(USPS profit) “USPS has averaged a profit of over $1 billion per year in each of the last five years.”

  8. fivestarmichael says:

    Of course it cost them less. The USPS is subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer. And to add new light to this conversation, the USPS has just announced an $8 billion loss.

  9. fivestarmichael says:

    I am very liberal on many issues and I did vote for Nader in 2004… not many choices in that election.You assume too much. I admire Nader’s tenacity and I am very much against corporatism. Who isn’t? Our gov. is totally corrupt, I can’t believe you actually trust them. Do you really trust our government?

  10. bookish01 says:

    No, if you’d been awake in civics class AssCrack you’d would know the American dream is about Life, Liberty and Happiness FOR ALL not just you. That’s what has gone so seriously wrong in this country – I, Me, Mine folks who think being born lucky is a virtue and bad luck or being born in a shitty place with no opportunities is a personal defect…. Yeah, it’s a perfect country, the land of opportunity… yawn…There but for the grace of God go YOU. Sad you’re too ignorant to see that.