Pls Give Me A Sample Nursing Care Plan- Nursing Diagnosis, Goalnterventions An Its Rationale And Outcome For?

its a nursing assessment for postoperative cesarian patient that includes assessment, nursing diagnosis, goal, interventions and rationale and outcome of the nursing plan

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  1. lounurse says:

    Assessment: BP, T, HR, check c-section wound for bleeding. Check stomachthat womb is contracting, check vaginal bleeding.Blood pressure needs to be within normal range. HR normal range, temp normal range. Any discrepancies could indicate infection (T) and internal bleeding. Woman would prob have a catheter for first24 hrs, plus an IV. Maintain hourly input/output readings for first 4-6hrs, then 6hrly measurements of urine. Lack of elimination could indicate dehydration, blocked catheter etc. Monitor pain. assess regularly, use some charting method like the smiley face board or scale of 1-10, with 10 being highest. Provide pain relief as Px. Monitor its effects.
    Your goal should be for the patient to be pain free and infection free so that she can look after her child.
    After first 12 hours patient needs to be got out of bed and assisted to bathroom. Early moving with ease the pain of abdominal surgery,,,the longer they lie there, the more painful moving becomes because of the muscle being cut.
    Patients should also be on clear fluids till they pass gas, usually for the 1st 24hrs. Prescribe laxitives
    So the outcome should be a woman who is able to move relatively pain free, free from visible signs of infection etc etc.
    It is quite hard to do these and i haven’t done one for a long time, but once a nurse, always a nurse. I hope that this gives you a few ideas that you could expand on. Check out your nursing text books, i’m sure they could help.
    Good luck, Lou

  2. Smartass says:

    Look, I had to do my homework for nursing school and so should you. When you become a R.N. you’ll be glad you did. I thought my nursing instructors were unnecessarily tough on us but after I started working on a med/surg unit as a R.N. I was glad that they had been that tough. You don’t have time to look things up, you have to know what to do.
    If you don’t do your homework, you won’t remember what to do when someones health or life depends on you. I’m not trying to scold you, I’m just being blunt. After I was working as a R.N. in a hospital, there were R.N. students from 3 different schools that came on my unit. I couldn’t believe how easy their instructors were on them. They didn’t make them perform the entire R.N.
    role with their patient or 2. Consequently, the students didn’t know anything.
    I know all of this may not apply to you and that this might be a 1 time question, but The job of a R.N. in a hospital is so important
    and so difficult, that lay people don’t have a clue. Even as a R.N.
    student, when you finish school, if you work as a staff nurse in a hospital it will be a huge shock to you when you experience it. It happens to every new R.N.
    God bless you in your nursing career.

  3. Pooh Bear says:

    why didn’t i think of asking for care plans here while i was in nursing school!!!!!
    dig 1. pain
    goal: pain free, or pain under control, always use a pain scale like 0-10 0- no pain, and 10 is the highest
    intervention: pain med, positioning,
    rational: hit the book
    plan: use a pain scale, teach the pt to ask for pain med before pain is too severe, teach the signs and symptoms of infection
    ALWAYS ALWAYS TEACH…..give you good points
    don’t forget to reassess
    make sure you use a time frame, like pt will be free of pain within so and so time.
    assessment: assess the site for signs and symptoms of infection, teach the pt the sign and symptoms of infection and what to look for. turn, cough , and deep breath.
    2. infection : FOR THIS ONE YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN