Planning To Become A Nurse..any Advice?

In September Ill be going into my final year of highschool then going on to college than uni..a n advice or comments?

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6 Responses to Planning To Become A Nurse..any Advice?

  1. kansas80 says:

    well, it depends on what route you’d like to take as well as what kind of degree you’re hoping for. Many counselors will tell you to do 2 years (60 credit hours) at a university and then 2 years at a school of nursing – which will give you a bachelor degree RN. You could also do the technical school route (which is how I”m going about it). You need to become a certified CNA first (the courses range from 1 to 3 months) and then get in on the Practical Nursing program (also called Vocational nurses in some states). These courses are usually 12-18 months and when you graduate you’ll take the boards to become a LPN. From there you can take an associate degree nursing program (also offered through technical schools, but it depends on the school and area) which will give you an associates Degree RN in about a year (no difference in pay from Bachelor degree RN’s). Then if you desire your bachelor’s degree you can take another one-year bridge program to get your bachelor’s degree (you need this if you plan on getting your masters).
    sounds complicated, but gets you there in less time if you can’t take a 15 credit hour/semester class load at a university AND allows you to work as a CNA..the LPN – making decent money while continuing your schooling. you get as much or more clinical experience this way…it all depends on how you want to go about it.
    I personally would suggest getting your CNA now no matter which route you plan to take. You can find CNA jobs easily and they pay better than McDonalds or walmart while giving you a taste of what nursing may be like as well as some experience that will come in handy.

  2. kansas80… says:

    If you are wanting to be an RN, my only suggestion, other than do good in all your math and sciences, would be to become a CNA for a little while to get the “feel” of being a nurse before you actually apply for nursing school. That is the one thing I regret not doing before I started nursing school because I’m “lacking” in that area. I know what to do and how to do it, but, I lack the confidence in doing it. I wish you the best of luck though.

  3. Ca-C says:

    DON’T!!! LOL j/k.
    I love it. It is the best job and the worst job(at times). Follow your dreams. I wanted to be a nurse and a teacher growing up, and u will find out that nurses are teachers. It’s great. Good luck!

  4. Nurse in Ohio says:

    If you’re a quick-study the 2 year RN degree could be better than a 4 year course. I know my mom did the 2 year thing, she’s been in nursing/IV therapy for almost 20 years, and she makes anywhere from $45-65+ an hour.

  5. kalpon77 says:

    Follow your heart. The money is ok, the hours long, the work is heart breaking at times, the experience priceless. Go for it. The field is growing in need and hopefully we will one day make the money we deserve. Do become an CNA first it will help you make up your mind before you spend money and time to find out you dont like it like my cousin did. Good luck Nita RN Kentucky

  6. ecclecti says:

    study hard and make yourself proud.and good luck.