Pediatric oncology nurse?

I’m a sophomore and I’ve decided last year that I wanted to be an oncology nurse. I know this may be a little early but I want to be prepared and ahead. I like helping people and cancer has always interested me. What are some good colleges in Texas for oncology? What kinds of things should I do now through senior year? What do colleges look for in a student? How many years do I take in college for this? Do these nurses make good money? I want to know your opinions and tips, thank you!

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2 Responses to Pediatric oncology nurse?

  1. Diane A says:

    You don’t study oncology in college, you get a degree in nursing (usually a bachelors) and then learn pediatric oncology on the job. All RNs are trained the same-as generalists. So you have plenty of time. They are paid the same as any RN as well. Pay is dependent on experience, not specialty. The BSRN is 4 years. Look up some nursing schools near you and read what their requirements are for the nursing program. In high school, you need the classes you would take to apply to college.

  2. ?Speak your heart; don't bite your tongue.™?? says:

    I’m a student nurse going onto my second year :)

    You have to a registered qualified nurse before you become an oncology nurse. You study for your degree in nursing (a B.S – bachelor’s of science). After you have finished your training, you can then apply for nursing jobs at cancer hospitals or cancer wards or at hospices, and you will learn being a cancer nurse on the job. I suggest you don’t rush into working in oncology straight away and you pick up some skills and experience first in other wards. Work for about 6 months to 1 year in an acute ward and then specialize and go to cancer nursing.

    You could do a master’s in cancer nursing care – I am planning to do this and you study for a B.S in cancer nursing care but you need to be working as a nurse with patients who are suffering from cancer. With this you will earn promotions a lot faster, get more money and more opportunities and you could even become a cancer nurse specialist or cancer nurse consultant.

    Good luck xoxo