Nursing School Worries?

I will be starting nursing school on August 20th and I must say I am very worried. All my life I’ve felt stupid and backwards. I struggled to maintain a 3.5 throughout high school and a 3.6 throughout college. Now it is finally time for me to enter in the most difficult phase of my scholastic career and I feel woeful unprepared. Like a foolish idiot I took all the hard classes first like Anatomy, Micro and Chem during my freshman year (that was fun…). Now its three years down the line I feel like I don’t remember a darn thing!! I am so scared that I’ll flunk out and/or loose my finical aid and scholarships (which I’d have to repay both if that happened).

I am worrying over nothing?? How much will they refresh us on or will they just more or less start from scratch but at an accelerated pace? Somebody fill me in before I have a nervous breakdown!
I will be attending Prairie View A&M’s College of Nursing in Houston.
Trust me I’m not looking for compliments I am truly concerned. For the longest of time I’ve struggled with these feelings and it took A LOT of hard work, late nights, crying and praying for me to keep my grades up. It wasn’t until college that I found out that I had ADD and then latter I found out I might possible have dyslexia. And that 3.6 I earned was at COMUUNITY COLLEGE not at some big accredited university

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4 Responses to Nursing School Worries?

  1. EmK says:

    You sound like you are ridiculously hard on yourself… or fishing for compliments because you are insecure… 3.0 is passing so on what planet is a 3.6 bad? You should be proud that you worked hard and got good grades…
    I will only tell you that nursing school is very doable and you really don’t need to remember much from your undergrad prereqs because if it is important it is retaught/revisited. I got my BSN in one year taking 20 credits a semester in an accelerated program. Everything is so interrelated that it just clicks. If you can maintain a 3.6 in college you can probably do just about anything.

  2. Mlle A says:

    I can’t speak to nursing school (business major), but the majority of my Master’s classes gave us a refresher at the beginning of the course for the basic stuff. 3.6 is a great GPA in college!! I think you will be fine! I doubt that they will leave you high and dry and expect you to remember every single thing right off the bat. And if they do, you can always get a tutor to help refresh your memory.

    **Don’t worry about the 3.6 being from Community College. I got my AAB from one, and when I went on for my BBA and MBA at a private school it was not that different a setting. Basically you’re still going to have the same kind of resources available to you at a University that you had at the C.C., if not more, so I am going to bet you will be fine. I’ve struggled with my grades the whole way through, too. Don’t stress too much!! ? Good luck!

  3. Soul M says:

    First of all exhale and stop killing yourself. My mother is a nurse and i know alot of people who are in Nursing school. With any class you have they always have reviews. At the same time you should have been reviewing the Human Anatomy materials on your own. The Chemistry will work itself out. 3.6 in college is a great GPA. you’re a smart chick, dont stress yourself too much cuz that can back fire on you. August 20th is the start of your new career. Walk into that class with confidences!!! and you’ll make it!!!!!

    Good luck

  4. Nat says:

    I hear you Im in the exact same boat. I just did pre requisites and wated a lot of time along the way. I have three hard years to go. Im soo nervous. You sound concerned, Im sure you’ll do fine, your GPA is high, and you should try to think positive it will only help, but I know how you feel.