Nursing School: I need some advice.?

I am a first year nursing student in Canada. I started this September and I am in my first semester. I’ve done well so far in all my exams, tests, quizzes, and assignments. I chose nursing because i thought it was a good career that helps people when they are really sick, and the job security security was also appealing at the time I applied for university. My main problem is, how do you know if you like something or hate something. I’m not entirely sure I like nursing because I don’t seem to have as much interest in nursing as the other students. but i am not entirely sure I hate nursing either because i do enjoy some classes. Maybe I’ve lost some motivation. I’ve also considered getting a business degree if my clinicals don’t turn out well (i am terribble or I don’t like it)

I would like some advice of what to do and how to know if you like a career or not because at this point I am totally unsure. My parents will be upset if I leave nursing, but they will support me in whatever I do. I just don’t want to disappoint them. Managing a hotel or casino seems like something i would like to do if i got my business degree.

I don’t want to rush things and regret decisions, but I need to come up with a flexible plan to know where I am heading in life.

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2 Responses to Nursing School: I need some advice.?

  1. steve_geo1 says:

    Knowing nothing about nursing, I can discuss it freely. In your first year, you will take classroom courses. Later, you will move into hospital work. It is when you do hospital nursing that you will discover whether this is what you want to do for the rest of your life.

    But you will also discover a new aspect of nursing. You will see that there are other nurses that are higher in status. These are nursing administrators. They have gone further to school and gotten MS’s and Ph.D.’s in nursing administration. Maybe this is where you want to go rather than hotel or casino management.

    But finally, a business degree and hotel and restaurant management may be where you want to be. I thought that I wanted to be a doctor or medicine. Then I took the sophomore course in organic chemistry and realized that I had found a home. I spent my life in organic chemistry.

  2. T says:

    Wait until you do a couple of clinical rotations to see if you enjoy being in a nursing environment. There is no better way to figure it out than by jumping in.