Nursing school advice?

I am a 15 year old junior graduating 2010. After high school i want to go to school to become a nurse. Is nursing school hard work? how much homework, reading, etc is there. any advice on classes to take now (my school offers alot) and any advice about nursing school

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  1. duchessdreams says:

    Make sure u excel in your biology and science classes. if there’s any special classes like Anatomy, take it. If there’s a co-op program to work at a hospital, go for it. Its a good way to see you’ll like being a nurse.

  2. whoknewthecolorcouldbeblue says:

    I was really happy to read your question. It is great that someone in high school is preparing for their future and is being responsible, setting high goals for themself.

    Nursing school is very stressful, hard work, not for the light hearted. But you can do it! It will be challenging but will prepare you for your career as a nurse. You will have to get atleast an associate’s degree in Science in college, AND attend a nursing school for about 4-6 semesters for your nursing courses. The nursing school will require lectures as well as clinicals. Meaning, you would go out to hospitals, retirement homes, doctors offices, and work with real patients. So expect each day, a few hours in lecture, then you have to drive to the hospital for 6-8 hour shifts.

    Do not get discouraged. Nothing in life is easy. You will not be in nursing school forever. Before you know it, you will be graduating, and wearing a stethoscope around your neck. You can do it!!!

    Classes that I would DEFINATELY take in high school are Algebra, Geometry, Chemistry, Statistics, Biology, etc. I did not take Chemistry in high school and I had to take a high school level course in college before I could take the college level course. It was a waste of time. I took the easy way out on some of my classes in high school. Definately take those courses in the list above in high school.

    Are you planning on attending a community college or a University? 2 or 4 years? Start getting on your community college’s website or local univerisites and see what their requirements are for their nursing programs. Although there will be aspects that are different for each, there will be basic similarities. You can plan your freshmen year in college now and what courses/things you need to do.

    Good luck!