Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

What are the pros and cons of the RN to BSN track?

Pros and con’s of a 4-year BSN track at a private school?

Does anyone know about Concordia University- Portland?

What about PCC and OHSU’s OCNE (oregon consortium for nursing education) track? (this is the RN to BSN track.)

I’ve researched a lot about these schools, but I haven’t heard a lot from people who have been on the inside.

Thanks so much for your help!

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2 Responses to Nursing school advice? Help? Thanks :0)?

  1. dsayless says:

    Pros of RN to BSN track are that after 2 yrs in an RN program at a community college you can be working & making good money as an RN, which is great if you’re older than 18 & already have some responsibilities to take care of. However if you are still young & unencumbered by life’s responsibilities, then you should absolutely go for the 4-year BSN program at a university.(sorry don’t know anything about West Coast schools)

  2. Boo™ says:

    Hun if you’re young go gor BSN. I’m in a nursing program in NYC. It’s an Associates..but if I had time I would go for BSN. Unfortunately I have only a limited amount of $ and time. I have babies.