Nursing home volunteer interview. I have one tomorrow. Any last minute advice for me?

They are having me come in to do some paper work and said they need a background check with is no problem and stuff so anything else you think I need to say or do? Thanks. :)

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  1. gwen r says:

    Be you. Be real. Volunteer work is best when it comes from the heart. For it to be a good match, you should be asking more questions than the interviewer. You are the one giving your time, after all. They need to know you’re not going to be a problem for them, but you need to know your time will be well spent.

    Good luck. Our senior have a great deal of history and wisdom to offer.

  2. Kay says:

    As a nurse I have worked in a few nursing homes and the thing that was always hard for me was the fact that so many of those people just wanted someone to talk to. Nurses and Aides are always so busy that they just dont have the time. These people are moms and dads, sons and daughters, husbands and wives. Even though they may not function in those roles anymore they are still those people on the inside. Vocalizing that you understand that these people need a compassionate, patient, helpful friend is a good start. Also being dependable and punctual is important…once you get to know these folks they are going to look forward to the days that they know you will be there. Good luck with your interview, you are signing up for a very rewarding and much needed cause.

  3. J.J. says:

    Just be yourself. Show your personality! And make eye contact… that is very important! good luck!

  4. Melanie says:

    You will need to bring the information for the background check your full name and former names, social security number, and date of birth plus a photo ID.

    You should be prepared to let them know what you are planning to do as a volunteer – do you want to visit one on one, read to a group, play music, sing, play board or card games, do crafts, painting fingernails, bring a therapy pet, etc.

    They will have some restrictions such as not doing anything that would be considered the realm of nursing – no lifting residents, no cutting finger nails (especially diabetics), get permission before giving food or drinks to residents as some may have medical conditions where their choices are limited – swallowing difficulties, diabetes, food allergies, etc. They may not be able to let you know and some residents may try to manipulate you in to giving them something they shouldn’t have.

    Some days in the nursing home can be hetic for staff members and others are okay. If it is not too hetic have them give you a tour of the nursing home and ask questions.

  5. horsysue says:

    pay attention to the speaker
    be open to ideas
    be natural
    be interrested

  6. cats2jlj says:

    Try to really listen to what they say. I know interviews are scary for me and I talk too much sometimes. Also, think of a couple of questions to ask. They like that. I usually ask something like, do you find that residents like having volunteers, or some other thing about customer satisfaction. Good luck to you.