Nursing: Decision-making tools?

Can you give me some tools(methodologies or processes, or the like) used in making decisions in the field of Nursing?

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  1. answerthis says:

    I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for but here goes:

    We use care plans depending on the diagnosis (IE diarrhea). If the patient comes in with the diagnosis of diarrhea this would be the care plan:

    Fluid volume deficit
    1. Encourage oral fluids
    2. Intravenous fluids per MD order
    3. Intake and output every shift
    4. Daily weight

    Altered nutrition
    1. Advance diet slowly

    Knowledge deficit
    1. Teach pt. about good handwashing after each bowel movement
    2. Call doctor if pt should develop a temperature greater than 101 or worsening symptoms.
    3. Teach pt. diet alterations depending on consistence of bowel movements.

    There are also specific care plans depending on the age of the patient:
    1. newborn
    2. adolecent
    3. teenager
    4. adult

  2. one life says:

    Are you talking about the Nursing Process and making nursing interventions based on evidence based practice?

    You have the care plan which are like tools and they will have an evidence base behind them and will help you decide which intervention is appropriate. It is quite a vague question as there are so many areas of nursing and decisions that can be made!