Nursing Care Plan for ANGINA?

I need to write a nursing care plan for a patient complaining with angina pain. I can’t seem to think about what i could mention apart from the Airway,Breathing etc. I need help…can anyone point me in a direction please? thanks x

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2 Responses to Nursing Care Plan for ANGINA?

  1. iluvJesus says:

    there are plenty of nurses around here, find them and email and ask them.

  2. Michael C says:

    Anyone suffering from angina (as I do )need to be warned about the dangers of over extending them selves when it comes to physical activity.Usually they are prescribed a nitro-lingual spray which eases the pain of an angina attack.A mistake made by most sufferers is to wait until they actually experience pain before using the spray .Taken some one or two minutes before you indulge in any activity that might bring on an attack will prevent it happening or at least reduce its severity.Suffers should be warned to be careful during spells of very cold weather and wrap up warmly as conditions like that can further restrict the flow of blood to the heart and increase the risk of angina One more point regarding physical activity it should never be undertaken immediately after a meal as again this will increase the risk of angina.I hope you will find these points of some use to you