Medicaid/VA Benefits & the nursing home?

My father in law is in a rehab/nursing home and I am trying to get him into the VA nursing home but no one is willing to help me. He has been in two branches of the service the Air Force and the Army. I think it is really unfair he has served this country twice with nowhere to place him. He is 77 years old and deserves to be around fellow veteran’s. He lives in Washington DC if any one can give me some helpful information. Also can a nursing home take a persons Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits to cover the nursing home stay?

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3 Responses to Medicaid/VA Benefits & the nursing home?

  1. Prairie Girl says:

    Medicare or Medicaid plus VA benefits will certainly cover nursing home care at any nursing home, not only a VA home.. However, each nursing home only has a certain number of beds available for those residents since they aren’t paying the full price, and if there isn’t an opening his name would be put on a waiting list. You could always try another nursing home though. Sometimes the problem with qualifying to get into a nursing home is that the person only needs custodial care, but not nursing care so they can’t get in unless it’s self pay. For Medicare or Medicaid and VA benefits to be used you must actually need nursing care.

  2. Dr. Snark says:

    The Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC is a good place to start (link below). They do have a waiting list so something might not be immediately available though. They have over 400 independent living apartments and 200 assisted living and skilled nursing beds.

    As for other nursing homes, that’s a very complicated question. Basically yes, they can take all 3 forms of payment. Medicare will pay for 100 days in a nursing home a year, although it does get a little complicated and there can be co-pays on the part of the recipient. There are no nursing homes that won’t accept Medicare. Medicaid will help cover the cost of stay as long as somebody meets their financial requirements. Almost all nursing homes will accept Medicaid as well as Medicare, and if they do they are not allowed to discriminate against those with Medicaid (for the most part).

    As for VA benefits, without getting into too much detail nursing homes need to have a contract with the VA to have them cover the cost of their stay. You would need to contact the nursing home in question to ask if they do, though the VA should also have a list. Even if a home doesn’t have a contract with the VA though, the veteran could still have their stay covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

  3. Flower says:

    Isnt there a nursing home somewhere in the U.S. even if it is not near you where he can live? Medicare does not cover long term residential care. Medicaid does cover it but he has to be very low income to qualify for Medicaid and the nursing home would take his entire Social Security or VA benefits to pay for it since nursing care actually costs $5000 a month but they will take whatever he has. The Veterans have something called Tricare. You can check the Medicare website for information on it.