LPN to RN articulation model for nursing?

Hi I’m almost done with my LPN program and will take the NCLEX. I’m confident I’ll pass since I’ve been an excellent student since day one and would like to continue to the RN program. However, I was reading a College website that offers a transition course aka Articulation Model for Nursing and would like to know if anyone can tell me more about this course and if they’ve taken it and how was it? Is there anything I can do to prepare before even getting in? I’ll appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Thanks.

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  1. Aurora Thornton says:

    The discipline of nursing is pluralistic and multifaceted. It has various entries and exits provided by
    numerous types and levels of educational programs. A common core of knowledge is shared by all of nursing education. Educational programs that recognize this common core better serve the individual nurse, as well as the public and the nursing profession. This recognition facilitates the educational mobility of students. “Educational mobility allows movement of the nurse from one type of licensure to another and from one type of program (LPN, LPTN, Diploma, ADN, BSN, MSN) to another with maximum ease and recognizes the value of prior nursing education” (Arkansas Nurse Educators’ White Paper, 1990, pg. 1).

  2. ? says:

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