Letter of Recommendation of Nursing School?

I am applying to nursing school soon and I need a letter of recommendation. I only have a little bit of experience in health care from a couple years ago and am no longer in contact with that employer. I also was not very close with any of my professors and would feel silly asking them, because they most likely do not remember me. So, I was thinking of asking my current supervisor at my job, which is unrelated to health care, to write a letter would this be appropriate? I have been at the job 2 years and he has seen me grow at the job as well as in my personal life.

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One Response to Letter of Recommendation of Nursing School?

  1. Jill says:

    That’s totally fine. Many people who are going into nursing school have had no previous health care experience and cannot provide references from anything nursing related. All they want is someone who can testify to your ability to be responsible, perform ethically, etc. Some schools even have a standard recommendation form for them to follow, so check with your school. Good luck.