Is it possible nursing registration in australia with out ielts?

Hi am a male nurse from india. I have 3dr years experience in cardiac cathlab. I just wanna to know is it possible to work in australia as a registered nurse? Anyone can help me know please?

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5 Responses to Is it possible nursing registration in australia with out ielts?

  1. tuppenybitz says:

    yes you will need ielts

    this site shows all you need to know about getting a visa to work in Australia

  2. C.M. C says:

    Bijo, doesn’t matter if you have a triple certificate with a degree major in Cardio, you still have to do the IELTS.

  3. Ange Kenos, Civil Celebrant says:

    google nursing federation of Australia and ask them as THEY are experts, obviously

    or try a work placement agency for nurses – they advertise and can be googled too

  4. Ozmaniac says:

    In order to pass skills assessment as a Registered Nurse for immigration purposes, you must have a score of at least 7 in each of the 4 IELTS components. That score is also required in order to get nursing registration which is mandatory before you can work as a nurse in Australia. See link to Framework for the Assessment of Internationally Qualified Nurses and Midwives for Registration – Criterion 2 on page 9 Visa options for nurses Nursing and Midwifery in Australia. Website of the Royal College of Nursing Australia

  5. sirisha says:

    To immigrate to Australia, either as a student or as a professional, you need IELTS. No doubt!