i was wondering about nursing school?

does anyone have any information to aid me in how to start out in the process of starting nursing school? I am a mother that is completely clueless on the process.

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  1. lynnbodoni says:

    You need to be strong in math, science, and biology. You will need a high school diploma, I’m not sure if a GED will qualify you.

    I know that nursing students are tested on their ability to figure out a dosage of medicine (using their math skills), on both positive and negative effects of various drugs, and on how to do things like draw blood. You absolutely cannot be even a little bit squeamish. Do an image search on “cellulitis” and realize that you will be called upon to clean and treat things like this.

    My grandmother was a nurse, and my mother was a lab tech. Nursing is a very hard, very skilled job.

    This link goes to some cartoons about nurses and nursing. They’re funny, but almost all of them are very true. http://www.nurstoon.com/

  2. mikeyg says:

    Go to your local Community College and ask to speak to a counselor. If they don’t do nursing or don’t have the answers for you, they will tell you where you should go to find out.

  3. twaah28 says:

    if you go to a 4 year university. you have to take one year of prerequisites ex. college algebra, chemistry, etc. then apply for nursing program in the spring. but you have to pass all of your prereqs before you can apply. if you can’t it could push you back a year. along with applying you have to take an entrance exam.

    hope this helps!

  4. aisydaisylady says:

    Congratulations on your career choice!

    First, Im a big believer of talking to people face to face.
    Make go directly to the Nursing Dept of the school and talk to people there. Ask questions..let them know who you are.

    People tend to go and submit the admission applications but most schools allow a certain amount of non-matriculated credits, so you can take class and then submit an application for official entrance into the program. This is good for students that may not completely have all the requirements to enter. However, note that you will have to prove with your grades and work that you are a worthy student.

    Find a Nursing Mentor. It may sound silly but its very important. Most successful nurses will tell you that having a Nursing Mentor improved the experienced and assisted them in surviving the rigors of student nursing. Find someone hat is open to helping and is available to talk to you about more than just school issues. Especially if you are a mother. I suggest finding a professional nursing organization as an option.

    Good luck!