I want to attend nursing school?

I want to attend nursing school in the charlotte area. Any tips on what nursing field is best?

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  1. Chelsie S says:

    i’m not sure what is best but my cousin is in the lab and she loves it! good luck!

  2. Louisiana! says:

    I took patient care tech..it was fun because it is three different things….but if I were you I would aim for the highest like Rn…but lpn is fine too.

  3. Future_Fire_Fighter says:

    i think you should ask yourself that explore all the fields read abou the ones that make you wanna work for than go from there

  4. mrBRett says:

    Whatever interests you most and what you really want to do. If you are going to spend all the effort to do this, you want to be satisfied with your choice, no? If you ignore which gets paid more, is faster to learn, etc. , you will overall be much happier with what you end up doing. Good luck

  5. Melissa M says:

    it depends on you, and what you like to do. remember your going into something that you want to make a career out of, make sure its something you love doing!!

  6. Payal says:

    my mind’s set on PICU. I started out wanting NICU but when I visited a PICU for a day I realized that in PICU I will get more opportunity to learn and more variety since patients can range from newborns to 18 year olds (and sometimes older). I love working with children and their families.

  7. Swabbie says:

    Personally speaking, I love the operating room. I’ve done nothing else, and other than advance practice nursing, I would want to do nothing else.

    The wonderful thing about nursing school is that you have various rotations and get exposure to many different areas. You may find your love during school. Not all schools rotate through all nursing areas. Some do not rotate everyone through the OR, ER, ICU, long term care, etc.

    Many hospitals offer an “externship” or “internship” for nursing students during the summer before their final year of nursing school. Be sure to look into that. I suggest at least a two week rotation through at least three different areas. Most internships are 8 to 10 weeks long. One week is not enough per rotation. More than three weeks and you are limiting your options too much.

    The most popular areas of nursing that are not the easiest to get into (in no particular order) are the Emergency Department, Operating Room (perioperative nursing), and Intensive/Critical Care.

    The most common areas to get into right out of school are floor nuring (hospital floor, that is) and long term care (nursing home).

    Most women that are working as the secondary income and want children try to get to a doctor’s office. Pay is not as great, benefits vary greatly from place to place, but the hours are predictable and there are no nights and all or most weekends off and no holidays.

    If you are serious about nursing, go to http://www.allnurses.com That is a nurses forum. Lots of forums to see, free to join, and you can ask questions if you wish. You may learn more that you would like to know there.

  8. Hazel says:

    if you go to nursing school, it doesn’t seperate fields. everybody learns the same basic stuff. after graduation thats when you decide which facility you want to go to work at, and/ or where you can get in. do not waste your money and time on a community college, i made that mistake and after graduation, i mailed out 50 resumes, and only had 1 response. You must go to a reputable school. money talks, and they are snobs who will only hire from expensive schools. look at the school catalogue, it will give you a class in every field, you will know a little about every *field*….one school = all fields.

  9. terirose22 says:

    Congratulations! There’s no time like the present to get started. The field you ultimately get into depends largely on what you like the best and where the greatest needs are. By doing internships and externships, you’ll get a chance to taste some different fields and determine what areas you like the best, and when you finish your schooling, focus your job search in the top 3 or 5 areas you like the best.

    My mom is an LPN and now works as a travelling nurse for the elderly and loves it…it all depends on what you like. Keep in mind that nurses aren’t just useful in hospitals, they can be hired by schools, nursing homes or long-term care facilities, home health organizations, the Red Cross, doctors offices (including certified nurse midwifes). Don’t limit your options, just get started! Nursing is a great field!

  10. Oak says:

    Always heard that RN’s are “knowledge” nurses and LPN’s are the “workers”. Have a nephew who’s wife is an RN, their daughter who is 17 wants to go into the nursing field or be an EMT. My dad’s brother and his wife were RN’s. He at one point was a Hospital Administrator in a small town close to here. Good luck in your decision…remember people love people with people skills too.