I have a four week old kitten. The mother stopped nursing the kittens. Any advice on feeding them?

They have been to the vet and we are giving them kitten formula and mixing it with baby food (chicken). This kitten doesn’t seem to take to the bottle very well. I’ve also tried a dropper and that is a little better, but most of the food she is getting is just being licked from my finger. I just wondered if anyone had any ideas to get her to eat. She is eating some, I just worry that she’s not getting enough.

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14 Responses to I have a four week old kitten. The mother stopped nursing the kittens. Any advice on feeding them?

  1. Jesse says:

    feed it milk warm it up. and try to get kitten food. and feed it that or wet down the kitten food

  2. Mário Parcceli says:

    try milk

  3. Janice G says:

    Go to petsmart and get some formula I’m not joking they have this kind of stuff.

  4. Melissa R says:

    Get dry cat food, that has small chunks, like kitty chow, and soak it in water for about 40 minutes then feed it to it. It should be nutricious and easy to eat.

  5. goingtolawschoolsoon! says:

    Force feed with a small dropper. Doesn’t sound nice, but the kitten will get the food.

  6. PJ says:

    Just put the soft food down in a shallow bowl, she will eat it. My sister raised quite a few orphaned kittens and by 4 weeks they can start eating soft food like a regular cat. She will eat enough – cats will not let themselves starve.

  7. purplepug17 says:

    feed the little kittens with warm milk from a bottle with a small nipple because its mouth might not be big enough for a regular one.

  8. Raineenyte says:

    Some kittens won’t like the powdered kind of formula or they don’t like it mixed with anything. I had a kitten one time that would only drink the premade – liquid replacement milk… just a little warm and i had to make the hole in the nipple of the bottle a little larger so she could get it out easier… incidentally this was for the “runt” so she was not as strong as the others and had some problems with suckling….

  9. honey says:

    put kitten food in a bowl with a little milk. this will soften the food and give the kitten the nutrients of the milk.

  10. George G says:

    To bad the mama cat has passed on her duties to you. Now that your in charge go to the pet store and purchase some formula for your little kitty.There so cute at that age. He/she will make it with your help and kind and loving heart. Tell them what has happened and ask for advice. Good Luck.

  11. X.x Courtney loves yew x.X says:

    I had a kitten just like that one time.
    he was very stuborn at the food the other ate.
    a medicine dropper is a good way to get him use to the food.
    Make sure you feed him often ,kittens that dont eat like the rest of the litter tind to die easly. If it helps when you feed the rest of them feed him in the middle of him it makes him/her comfortable with their surroundings.

  12. marci452 says:

    Try goat’s milk – closest to cat-mom milk, baby rice cereal, baby food meat and a little plain yogurt. Warm it just a little. See if the Vet will give you a medium sized syringe (no needle). Best thing I found for feeding kittens, especially when feeding something thick.

  13. stiche03 says:

    Warm it up and calm the kitten down by putting you’re hands in her arm pit and rock her back and forth and she will eventually calm down. Then try feeding it to her.

  14. geewhiz says: