how will Obama’s health care plan change….?

how will Obama’s health care plan change the job outlook for nurses. taxing the crap out off anyone earning over 250k a year ……..dont almost alll doctors fall into that category.

Should I change majors if he is elected?

McCain/Palin 08

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7 Responses to how will Obama’s health care plan change….?

  1. Peach F says:

    I don’t like McCain/Palin at all.

  2. Gabriel V says:

    Sorry, between Obama’s lies and Pelosi’s known wish list more than the alledged rich will be taxed.

  3. Adam says:

    You know I hadn’t thought of that, but it sounds like a smart choice to me…I would entertain the idea of a change of major if nothing else. However, you didnt tell us how much school you have left…if you are near to being through, a change of major would only slow you down and put you in school longer…

  4. Sekhmet says:

    You have to be a well established doctor before you get that kind of money. Even then, the taxes he’s talking about are just letting Bush’s tax cuts naturally revert to their previous states.

    As for health care, it won’t change your paycheck if his plan does go through. If anything, it will just put your chosen profession in higher demand (with many more customers able to seek care), and you may end up making more as a result.

  5. Brooke B says:

    Obama’s Health plan will be payed by every tax payer. What? He hasn’t told you that?

  6. §§pecial Unicorn says:

    A lot of people wil probably request “caps” on their salary instead. The rest can be made up in fringe benefits. Considering today’s economy and failed housing market, making $250,000 doesn’t amount to as much as it looks like. In metro areas such as NYC, the salaries have to reflect their market. It’s expensive to live there! Don’t change majors, we need you.

  7. whiteflame55 says:

    Just because you get taxed more doesn’t mean you don’t make a lot of money. It’s not like you need every cent of that 250k. And it’s not like the government’s going to take away 1/5th of that, ever.