hate nursing school!?

i am in nursing school and so depressed. i’m always studying all the time, but i feel like i can be doing better. i hate clinicals, because i feel like i’m always being criticized. it makes me feel like such a horrible nurse. basically, all i ever do is study and hw, so my life is completely revolved around nursing school, and i hate it! i actually don’t hate the stuff we’re doing, but i just hate being evaluated all the time. do you have any suggestions on how i can improve in nursing school and not be so depressed all the time? sometimes i just feel like giving up.

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  1. Brown Sugar says:

    try to persevere, and hang in there. the rewards are great not to mention the pay. if your instructors are picking on you then they must see something in you. you obviously have potential or you wouldn’t have gotten accepted. nursing school is very demanding on ones time, but once you graduate and take boards you’ll have all the time you need to unwind.

  2. Anne says:

    Just be aware, that most of us felt that way about nursing school – at least the part where you say is that everything in your life is revolving around school, and all you ever do is study and homework. That’s pretty much what nursing school is — and no one understands or fully appreciates the time and pressures of nursing schools until you go through it. Also – being criticized in clinicals, I remember that ! You never really thought then that you’d ever be able to be a competent nurse. But it comes and you do become competent.

    Keep plugging along and just take it one semester at a time. Get through one course at a time – the good thing is that every course ends and nursing school itself does end. Looking back, I have no idea how I went through the things in nursing school that I did – but all of us RNs have done it! Things really do get better — once you graduate it is great! Also just keep focusing that you’ll have terrific jobs available to you when you graduate — it REALLY is worth it once you are done.

  3. sweetie says:

    I wish I was in your place right now cause i’ve been waiting to get in myself you need to hang in there cause that’s what you chose for yourself nobody forced you into it nursing school ain’t no joke you should’ve known that before you got started cause you don’t wanna be paying close to $20000 for school and then flunk.

  4. sO.:.iN.:.LOvE says:

    Hey, I feel the same way you do. I’m in my second year of nursing school and recently, I have been DREADING clinicals -among other things. I always feel like I am behind, and even now I am on Yahoo answers and I feel guilty like i should be studying!! I usually cheer myself up by thinking about graduating eventually and being done with nursing school. Just stick with it because, if your like me, you worked really hard to get this far. It will get better once you start working and making $$$. also, you can go into a less stressful specialty if you want. hope you feel better.
    Hang in there!!!

  5. sandra says:

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