Gynecomastia Documentary (male Breasts)

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10 Responses to Gynecomastia Documentary (male Breasts)

  1. Ronniedasmoker says:

    this condition is ruining my life im still a virgin @ 20 never got to shag a girl had many oppurtunties but my bitch tits killed it i feel sub-concious why me my lifes shite enuf as it is cuked up in my house most of the time

  2. skoredreng says:

    @Plxi In denmark, you pay some % of your in-come to the government.. Then if you ever get cancer, aids, or whatever, and you need to get it fixed, you can just go to the hospital.. simple as that ^^..

  3. Rafdaganga says:

    @skoredreng umm that happens all over the world. It’s called tax

  4. skoredreng says:

    @GHETTOLIFERS Hey.. Kan se at du er fra danmark.. Har du fået fortaget en sådan operation?

  5. EddyQ7 says:

    i did…lol

  6. thecooker241 says:

    Marijuana use BullSh!t

  7. sp00nytube says:

    No matter how hard you workout, diet, try some bullshit fad pill that promises you the world, you’ll never be able to get rid of your deformity. You will never look as good as your friends with your shirt off. If it doesn’t go away by itself after a couple of years, it won’t. My heart is broken for every other poor bastard out there that is cursed with this shame I’m gonna save myself the anxiety and depression of failing to be normal. Gonna find a quiet corner to die in Should do the same

  8. sp00nytube says:

    Trained and dieted obsessively for nearly 5 years since I was 18. I was at 6% body fat this time last year. Looks fucking weird having ripped arms, shoulders and abs, with little pointy boobs sticking out like a 12 year old girl. During this time I tried Gynemax and Gynexin for over a year in total. Finally saved the money for the surgery and now I’m left with little improvement and a scar on one side of my stretched, puffy weird looking nipples.

  9. QuangTang says:

    How much does the surgery cost?

  10. iloveaxxo says:

    im in same boattry eating broccoli