Government pays for NURSING SCHOOL?

I’ve heard of a program (I don’t know if it is just for Mississippi or not) where the government pays for you to go to college for the nursing program, and pays for everything, as long as you practice nursing in the same state for two years after graduation. The problem is, I am having trouble finding any information on this program. I wish to start nursing school this January, and if a governmant aid such as this exists, it would be perfect for me. Anyone have any suggestions or know about this?

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3 Responses to Government pays for NURSING SCHOOL?

  1. dawncs says:

    Yes, there is government programs to help pay for nursing school on both the federal. The federal program offers free tuition in exchange for working in a high need area of nursing for a period of time. I will include some links that should help. Good luck!

  2. chris h says:

    You might consider the Military. I know that ARMY ROTC offers scholarships for nursing students.