GIRLS which of these two guys would you rather date and why?

Guy 1
Age: 22 , Height: 5’9″ , Body Type: muscular and toned
Complexion: Tan, Hobbies: yoga, meditation, cardio and weight training, martial arts, beach volleyball, baseball, video games and skydiving.
Occupation: College student studying engineering
Notes: * has posed nude for an art class
* prefers trunks to boxers or briefs
* vegetarian
* Is hygienic and clean shaven
* has gone skinny dipping in ice cold water and thinks it was worth the experience!

Guy 2
Age: 23, Height: 6’0″, Body Type: Toned and athletic but not as muscular as guy1
Complexion: same as the other dude. Hobbies: Martial arts (higher ranked then guy1), rollerblading, basketball, swimming.
Occupation: College student studying nursing
Notes: *similar in appearance to guy1
* loves poking fun at guy1 because he does yoga and is a vegetarian believes he should do more manly things…lol
* Also speaks french
* loves to paint/draw

As you may have figured I am one of these guys and my buddy beside me is the other….too much time at hand still another 3 hours till our flight!

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11 Responses to GIRLS which of these two guys would you rather date and why?

  1. Sunshine :) says:

    Hahaha I like guy #2 a lot more.

    I’m a huge sucker for guys who speak other languages! :)

  2. Casey says:

    Guy 1

    cause I love video games and I’m vegetarian and love yoga

  3. xomarenb says:

    i would choose both…at different tims of course but both of you guys are great in different ways… and im guessing your the second

  4. tersey562 says:

    There are probably plenty of girls for both of you. Every woman has her preferences and dislikes, which is why God made us all so varied and different: blonde hair, brunette, red, tall, skinny, in-between. Stop focusing on the obvious and start cultivating the emotional side of your personalities. Good luck and God Bless.

  5. Holly says:

    Guy 2, because he sounds more protective of me, if i were his girl. I love people who speaks French. & i guess i already love him. Hahahaa. (: Muhwahhh. What’s your number?!?

  6. fu*k.<3 says:

    Guy 2….Speaks french& easier to cook for (:

  7. Lily says:

    GUY 2222222

  8. Blondy11 says:

    I would have to say guy 1… But guy to sounds cool to.
    I choose one, because he is more in touch with his feminine side, and some girls think that is really sweet.

  9. .: Dazed & Confused :. says:

    Oooh…this one’s tough.
    I might go for guy #2 though.

  10. Mandy Candy says:

    ha ha i do martial arts too!! both are tall. muscular. tan:) the beach volley ball is um…ha ha, na. engineers make money:D the skinny dipping is a bit of a turn off, along as ha ha sorry:) basketball and swimming are fun. nursing…um, that’s something i would want to get into as well. ha ha making fun of ppl is fun…french is awesome and catch my attention. i would go with #2. :)
    ps i am probably higher in rank that both of you:D ha ha jk

  11. cairnscott says:

    both u guys sound sexy. have a great flight, where u off 2? lol.