GIRLS which of these two guys would you rather date and why?

Guy 1
Age: 22 , Height: 5’9″ , Body Type: muscular and toned
Complexion: Tan, Hobbies: yoga, meditation, cardio and weight training, martial arts, beach volleyball, baseball, video games and skydiving.
Occupation: College student studying engineering
Notes: * has posed nude for an art class
* prefers trunks to boxers or briefs
* vegetarian
* Is hygienic and clean shaven
* has gone skinny dipping in ice cold water and thinks it was worth the experience!

Guy 2
Age: 23, Height: 6’0″, Body Type: Toned and athletic but not as muscular as guy1
Complexion: same as the other dude. Hobbies: Martial arts (higher ranked then guy1), rollerblading, basketball, swimming.
Occupation: College student studying nursing
Notes: *similar in appearance to guy1
* loves poking fun at guy1 because he does yoga and is a vegetarian believes he should do more manly things…lol
* Also speaks french
* loves to paint/draw

As you may have figured I am one of these guys and my buddy beside me is the other….too much time at hand still another 3 hours till our flight!

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42 Responses to GIRLS which of these two guys would you rather date and why?

  1. S.S.D.D says:

    the one with the best personality

  2. Evanescent Demon says:

    second one..
    i love guys that speak french and draw

  3. feed me coookies! says:

    i bet guy 2 painted guy 1 nude!

  4. Ayy :] says:

    guy 2.
    only because hes a meat lover<33

  5. Shafu says:

    no one..if forced to tell the second one…

  6. Laurellee says:

    too long to answer.

  7. ms. hippie queen astros 26-31 says:

    honestly, for me, both seem dreamy, a little too young. the only clincher for me though is guy one playing baseball. a dude in a ball uniform….yeeesh, doesn’t get hotter. no it does. a dude in glasses and ball cap is irrisistable. none the less, the hobbies of both are great and i wish guys like you two existed around my parts…

  8. Nightmare Revisited says:

    Guy 1, because Guy 2 sounds like an @sshole.

  9. aalare says:

    guy 2 cuz he did not pose nude & he can also french kiss me!

  10. Lauren R says:

    neither are my type

  11. Hop off the bus Gus says:

    Guy 1 for sure. He is sure about himself doesn’t care what others think. And doesn’t feel the need to pick others apart to make himself feel better.

  12. christy says:

    guy 2…. hes my age, taller, could kick guy #1′s @$$, and i cant live with out chicken

  13. Pinky says:

    Guy 1

  14. says:

    The second one because I love tall men and I love to draw too.

  15. ?? says:

    i’d combine the two lol and it would be a GREAT guy!!
    don’t like the vegetarian thing lol sorry have to have my meat =)

  16. Hannah says:

    Probably guy 2 just because he loves to paint and draw. He shouldnt be poking fun at guy 1 for all that, it is manly. He is just taking care of himself.

  17. Charles Merryweather says:

    They both sound like complete tackle boxes, who should date each other.

  18. Jess says:

    guy 1 .. he sounds more impressive even though he does like video games … but ah well nobodys perfect

  19. best fish friends for life (: says:

    guy 2.

  20. Insert name here says:

    Guy 2!
    because of the painting and drawing, speaking french and height and he’s not a vegetarian.
    no offence to Guy 1

  21. ?kRiStEn (Fer sure maybe)? says:

    hmmm id choose guy 1 :) because hes a vegetarian just like me and i like how he takes risk :)

  22. knittymommy says:

    I’m all about personality, it doesn’t matter what skin it wears….male/female, black/white, tall/short…doesn’t matter. And yes I have dated women too :p

  23. Arianna says:

    Guy 2 , for one i like the height, and the fact hes not that muscular , i don’t really like too much muscle, and he loves to paint and draw. and i love roller blading , but guy 1 sounds cool aswell,
    i generally think that your guy 1 , but i might be wrong haha

  24. Elephant Lover says:

    Ummm guy 1 because I love yoga and I can see he is very athletic. But I do like that guy 2 draws and speaks french!

  25. Flamenco nut says:

    I would probably go for the first as he reminds me of my first boyfriend. But you are both too young for me now!!!!

  26. ??i?hugs?? says:

    No offense but neither guys come off as the type who’s obsessed with look good and doing things to make sure you look good ..I do like how guy1 plays video games and he’s studying engineering and is adventurous , guy2 likes roller blading and is studying to be in the medical field..(hot) but total turn off when you said ” loves poking fun at guy1 because he does yoga and is a vegetarian believes he should do more manly things…lol ”
    So I’d say none of you guys ! Sorry just not my type !

  27. Annie says:

    okay, im totally younger than you guys…but here’s my opinion anyways
    but id go for Guy 2!
    and here’s why…he does awesome sports! (im luvin the martial arts) and even though he pokes fun at the other guy for not being as manly, he’s studying nursing…lol. no offence!
    guys who can speak other languages is just….cool! i prefer spanish, but french is yet another romance language and its a tad more difficult
    also, that he loves to paint and draw! i love artistic guys, and who are good at it.

  28. BeautyBrains&BOOTY says:

    I would go for guy 1 because he’s more fit and sexual than guy one (with the posing nude and enjoying skinny dipping) and I love that in a guy!
    But the good things about guy 2 is his love for artistic things, which is the same as me :) and he seems to be more intellectual.
    So actually I’m undecided, hah, great help I am.

  29. ?GH*SV*SN? fan says:

    you both sound like great catches!!! i dont have much experience with the guys, but i would say the 2nd, #2 sounds like more fun and well again, cant really choose!! on the flight.

  30. lil miss gigglezzz :D? says:

    d a2nd dude cuz he sounds caring(studyin nursin)
    but da 1st dude sounds fit!!!!!
    can i hav both of u??????????????????????

  31. Zoe says:

    you both sound pretty good but guy 2 why are you making fun of guy one for not being manly cos hes veggie and does yoga when you are studying to become a nurse?! lol

  32. Kendell Paige =) says:

    Ewww… neither, They are both WAYYYY TOO OLD FOR MEE!!!!!! haha


  33. Emily, Child of Adelphia says:

    Well, they’re both too old for me, but if they weren’t, Guy 1. I’m a vegetarian too, and he seems nicer. I also love skinny dipping lol

  34. pat z says:

    I think you two should date each other. After all, you have a LOT in common (all those sports…,one draws, the other poses) and you’re good friends.
    You’re already more than halfway there!

  35. louhsha21 says:

    Love a guy who can speak french and who’s artistic.

  36. learn the rules then break them? says:

    no one , i prefer my bf , but if forced i say .. the second guy , because i love drawing too , and i also speak French , and i don’t care for muscles .

  37. MAgheewala says:

    I think you’re guy 1…
    You both seem pretty much the same…
    But guy 2
    because he likes art. And seems funny(or makes fun of people or whatever). Oh, and speaks French…

  38. horses says:

    Guy 2….sounds like a sensitive person and at the same time has a good sense of humor. I like the fact that he is fit, but not obsessesed with bulk. Though I don,t eat alot of beef, gotta have a good steak or prime rib sometimes – love chicken & fish.

  39. aRii>JesseFan4Life< says:

    Guy 1 .. he’s vegeterian (im vegeterian), does yoga (I love yoga) and is hygienic (so am i). He’s just perfect ! I’ll find that guy and I’ll marry him that instance Lol :]

  40. ? Devil's Child ? says:

    guy 2

  41. fresh to def she is says:

    Guy 2, because we can play doctor, french is the sexiest language on earth, and I paint too.