Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgeon Dr Jon Perlman

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10 Responses to Extreme Makeover Plastic Surgeon Dr Jon Perlman

  1. Palo10 says:

    AMAZING =Obut japan plastic surgery is better :)

  2. victimofdrsamuellam says:

    This surgeon seems good…but is this a self promotional site?

  3. pokegui says:

    is this show still ooon?

  4. igivero says:

    wow dr. jon Amazing huh! b4 im watching extreme makeover here in philippines

  5. andrealozsil says:

    she just needed news teeth

  6. THURGOODa says:

    i think she just needs a dentist

  7. TheDiesel2009 says:

    hahhaha thats why rich people are beautiful because they have money to make them beautiful.

  8. PirateKing1256 says:

    Money makes the world go round.

  9. CoooookieMonstar says:


  10. PirateKing1256 says:

    Wow , amazing what plastic surgery can do.I wonder if they need to retake the photo of their IC?