Empty Nose Syndrome Surgery

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10 Responses to Empty Nose Syndrome Surgery

  1. amitshahc says:

    Thanks for sharing all these information. now if any one have the clue. who takes this seriouly in INDIA? any surgeon in INDIA who does this surgery?

  2. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    look at gknarayana he might be able to do a modified youngs procedure for you. It might help with some of the enormous suffering.

  3. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    also amitshahc besides gknarayana if you have the funds fly to america and see dr. houser

  4. amitshahc says:

    what is modified youngs procedure? is it successfull, effetive? where can i found the tutorials about it?is gknarayana is same as i can found the information on google, that he is somewhere in banglore, india?

  5. Jking178 says:

    Judging from your volume of posts on ENS videos, you seem like a whiner. This surgery can alleviate ENS quite dramatically for some, yet you sit here and bitch and moan. Hmm

  6. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    oh i see jking, first you say dont worry about developing ens, even though people end up developing ens in 2009. Just google empty nose syndrome. Then when i disagree with what you wrote, you say even if you develop ens you can have implant surgery so whats the big deal? even though people still can suffer immensly even after the implant surgery. Then you call me a whiner for telling people the truth about the real risks. Do you care about truth at all?

  7. BaileyLush says:

    Jking has a point. I have talked to you personally Peaches, and all you seem to be interested in doing is sensationalizing. Yes you are suffering- but so are others. And many with way less turbinate tissue left than you. If your going to educate people, then have some decency about it.

  8. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    Yes i am interested in telling people the truth of what can potentially can happen. Jkings insults and you saying i am being indecent wont stop from me telling people my opinion. Can you give specifics of where i was indecent? If i was indecent i will apologize, and if you cant give specifics to where i was ‘indecent’ you will take away your comment. I wont hold my breath. Im sensationalizing ens thats a real load of crap.

  9. Ilikepeaches1 says:

    not that i think it will make a difference but baileylush for the record i have never said that a deviated septum surgery will cause ens. I have noticed you said that lie on that empty nose forum. Im assuming you made that mistake because i talked about turbinate surgery and ens on septoplasty videos.

  10. BaileyLush says:

    I distinclty remember you replying to Jking, saying “yeah don’t worry… Just like my doctor told me”. And all she/he was referring to was just a septoplasty, without a reduction of any sort. Maybe I misinerpreted this as you saying be cautious of ENT’s in general? If so my bad. But yes, to be completly honest I don’t jive with he way you present yourself. I’m sorry you suffer, and that you probably suffer more than I. But I think that there are better ways to dissuade reductions.