Do I Get My Rn In The Process Of Getting My Bsn For Nursing?

I actually have several questions regarding Nursing and RN/BSN.
I’m currently a first year student in community college just working on my GE’s and I will be transferring to a 4 year university to get my Bachelors for Nursing.
However, I thought that getting the BSN IS becoming an RN nurse,
but that does not like seem like the case after having done some research.
What’s the difference between an RN and a person who has a Bachelors of Science for Nursing? (BSN)
I need BSN and get my RN licence to work in hospitals right?
I don’t want to be a LVN if that clears anything up.
I’m working for the RN, which I thought you become if you got your BSN.
Then possibly Masters for whatever I decide to be in the future.
Sorry it’s a bit chaotic with all the questions.

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3 Responses to Do I Get My Rn In The Process Of Getting My Bsn For Nursing?

  1. Scooby says:

    a BSN or ASN prepares you for the exam to take in order to become an RN. the NCLEX-RN exams are the ones BSNs and ASNs take. you don’t need a degree in nursing to take these exams but going to nursing school helps so much.
    i know people who were in pre-medicine and took the NCLEX exams.
    after the BSN route, you graduate and you can take the NCLEX at a certain testing site, you’ll have to find it out. the test is offered on certain days and before you take it, you better study well. passing the test determines if you will be a registered nurse or not. if you fail it, you can take it again as many times as you need to. they want you to pass as much as possible. but you’ll have to wait until the next testing period. anyone can be a BSN or ASN with out an RN license or anyone can be an English or photography major and tale the test to be an RN. but you should take the NCLEX after graduation immediately after nursing school while the material you learned in nursing school is still fresh, and try reviewing for the NCLEX exam during your last semester of nursing school. BSNs and ASNs take the same exam in the same room by the way. they pretty much work for the same thing.

  2. SUSAN M says:

    The BSN is the degree you get when you graduate from a 4 year program. RN is a professional license you get after you pass the NCLEX (state boards).
    edit- you take the test after you graduate from nursing school! Some people only get an associates degree from a 2 or 3 yr program and go back for a BSN later. But from what you described your doing a BSN program for your nursing schooling. So you take it after you graduate.

  3. jaqui says:

    to be an RN (registered nurse), you have to pass the NCLEX-RN and obtain your RN license. you are qualified to take the exam only after finishing a nursing program. it doesnt really matter the length of time of the program as long as it’s accredited. meaning, if youre only after the RN license, then a two year program (AS) will suffice. but if you want to move up and youre thinking of going into administration or getting a masters degree on a nursing specialty later on, then you’d have to get a bachelors degree (doesnt really have to be a BSN but if youre already studying nursing then might as well). hope that helps. good luck!