CSULB undeclared to nursing major?

Hi, should I attend csulb as an undeclared major if I cant get in with a pre-nursing major or should I attend a CC first and then transfer into csulb’s BSN program? Has anyone had experience or know how hard it would be to get declare a nursing major once attending in csulb? I know there are certain pre reqs to do and its supposedly the same going in undeclared vs pre-nursing but how true is that… Anyone with knowledge or similar experience would be of great help!
And yes, everyone knows csulb is the “best nursing school” and “most impacted/most difficult to get into”, the average gpa for anyone getting into the program is 3.6 and probably increases each year.

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One Response to CSULB undeclared to nursing major?

  1. Chris says:

    I did some research on CSULB’s nursing page website, and you are right- it looks like a pretty competitive program to get into. I would recommend getting course transfer information from them, they should have a list of all the pre-req courses they accept as transfer credits from other schools, so you can ensure you are working toward their requirements.

    I am also putting a link to all the nursing programs in California in the source section of this, so you can check them out. I would go ahead and request information from ADN and BSN programs, then check tuition costs and transfer credit policies for the schools you are interested in. You may even be able to do some pre-reqs online while you are applying to Long Beach. Keep in mind that accredited nursing programs follow standards set forth at both the state and national level, so you should be receiving similar content where ever you go, it is just the delivery of content and supports available from the school that can make the big difference.

    Best of luck to you!