Cal poly pomona has nursing major?

which school is best cal state college for nursing major except long beach?
i hear that long beach is best nursing school. is that true?
and also i heard that cal LA is good school for nursing too.

cal poly pomona have nursing major?

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3 Responses to Cal poly pomona has nursing major?

  1. Mr John says:

    Sure, it can be the best I don’t really know. I do not believe that any school has the right to say they are the best you can’t really prove it. CSU San Marcos has a 95% pass rate on the NCLEX. SDSU Nursing program is really hard to get into, and they are really good. SFSU is like impossible to get into 1200 applicants for 80 spots (link 1). Sacramento average GPA is 3.8?. None of this is confirmed, just rumors of people chit chating, saying they are THE BEST, but as you can tell, most if not all of the CSU nursing schools are going to be really good.

    If you want to post Nursing questions try they are pretty good with nursing questions. The problem is getting in. Don’t give up and work hard on that GPA and TEAS. If you want to be a nurse then, don’t give up you will make it

    No offense, from what it sounds like you are still researching the schools and I am going to make a guess that you are still young. I recommend volunteering in the hospitals and seeing if this is made for you. I got 4 friends who wanted to be nurses, 3 of them just switched majors from nursing and 1 of them still wants to become a nurse. You get the point. Good luck and do some research it helps makes everything less stressful since you know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. John says:

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  3. Rudolph says:

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    Best Regards and good luck with your research on this!