Best ways to get college paid for when you are broke :( (nursing)?

I want to go to Tennessee State University for the 4year nursing program so that I can get into obstetrics. I am a 22year old single mother of 2. I really want to go to school but I have NO money. Is there anything I can do or any program I can get in to? Any info on nursing school is greatly appreciated also. Thanks…

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3 Responses to Best ways to get college paid for when you are broke :( (nursing)?

  1. Nova Cassius says:

    Scholarships and military. (best branch for healthcare or so I hear is the navy.)

    All the best of luck!

  2. Sabina says:

    State of California law allows military corpsmen to take the national exam for RN license without the need for any further formal education if they have completed RN level education and clinical experience while serving as a part of the armed forces.
    And try scholarship too.

  3. Pooky says:

    You take out a loan like everyone else.

    Re: military route – it’s not as easy as that. You may not gain enough experience (to pass the test) – so it depends on where you’re trained. Don’t count on it is what I am saying.