Any nursing school advice?

I am starting my 3rd year of nursing school (I’m starting clinicals) and have heard this first semester is extremely difficult. Does anyone who has already been through nursing school have any advice on how to study/keep me sane/etc.?

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4 Responses to Any nursing school advice?

  1. Brittany D says:

    well i dunno. im starting my first year of nursing school!

  2. V-Tec says:


  3. GOLA n says:

    nursing has alot more regulations now days and it’s much easier to get fired for nonsense, but it does pay more than it used to

    if you’re looking for a “fast way” through nursing school .. look into the military for training … they’ll rush you through without really having to meet all the reqs … no difference as you eventually learn everything anyway

  4. Think_Longevity says:

    I haven’t been through nursing school, but my girlfriend is on her fifth and final year. I know what helped her is a lot of planning. As far as planning for studying, hanging out with friends, etc…
    As well as the planning we incorporated most of our time spent together to helping her study, so that way we could be together but it also benefited her studies.
    Lastly we made early plans for two weekends to leave everything behind and just refresh her.

    I hope this helps, and best of luck in the program!