any nurses out there to give me advice?

i’m interested in becoming a nurse i like to help people and need to work at night but i’m scared that i might make a mistake and end up killing someone or not knowing enough to really help someone like if they go into cardiac arrest or something,, any nurses out there to give me advice

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7 Responses to any nurses out there to give me advice?

  1. xxbiglizxx says:

    Once you’ve been taught you’ll be alright

  2. Heather G says:

    Usually when you are out of school, you will have a preceptor during your first month (or more if you work in an ER or critical care are) to become familiar with the methods of treatment at that facility.

    You’ll do great. Good luck.

  3. No.1 says:

    I’m not a nurse but I’m just want to say everyone makes a big or small mistake once or more in their lifetime…But I know you’ll do fine and be a great nurse and won’t make that kind of mistake.

  4. Keondra S says:

    Please don’t think like that i use to.And now I’m a nurse and i
    work on a medical/surgical floor where we run into patient all the time with heart problems,amputated toes and legs.Don’t worry after all that studying and going to school you want make a mistake.I thought the same way at first and now i have been a nurse for 3 years a never made a mistake and trust me there is going to be always someone there to ask

  5. Nurse Cass says:

    Don’t worry about it. If you’re trained properly, you won’t kill anybody! Plus, nursing is about recall. Once, you do t he procedure over and over, the last thing you’re thinking about is death to your patient. You’ll feel at ease treating your patient’s and the nervousness will go away after your first patient.

  6. gwhitt5 says:

    i’m not a nurse..yet!…however, i know alot of them from CNA to RNs. i used to be scared to. -hence why i’m not a nurse yet. but i’ve been researching alot more (u should do the same) and now i know that classes that u take to become a nurse all have labs (this is where u do hands-on work with a dummy or a real person, pending) the time u get out of that place, you’ll feel better and not so scared..and you’re not going to kill someone! …also, depending where u work, sometimes they’ll be like 5 or 6 nurses with u working on the same patient and you have to do a certain amount of hours observing nursing do what you will be doing when u become one so in the beginning of your career, u can just watch and observe and help out when they ask. good luck!!! be confident! and avoid things by holding off on the classes like i did. i now am convince that nursing is the best career to go because u can get paid so much- starting, and it’s always on demand. u can find a job anywhere and everywhere. all u have to do is be serious and gung-ho about applying to take the nursing program. everything else will fall into place, including your fear subsiding.

  7. sweetdove_me says:

    I went half way though a nursing program and withdrew because I had the same thoughts. I was afraid of making a mistake, and harming someone. Also when people are dying you might have to give them morphine which can slow the respirations down, and it might end their life quicker. I couldn’t do that. I’m glad that I withdrew from nursing.

    I guess you have to ask yourself if nursing is for you. Maybe another health care job where meds aren’t involved?