any advice for a student who wants to do nursing but has dyslexia?

Hey, I’m a student at Miami Dade College studying to become a nurse and I have dyslexia but I feel discouraged because I don’t really understand whats going on and I can’t remember what the Professor teaches. If anybody can relate please share your thoughts about this issue.

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  1. the l man says:

    I have dyslexia I always forgot numbers and words i usually carry a notebook you can ask your teacher who may give you a bigger fonted paper or give you oral tests

  2. anonymous says:

    i’m 15 and to help me i have a thing which records lessons and so i can play them back to revise for tests

  3. Georgie says:

    Have you spoken to your teachers & lectures about your having dyslexia, and does the college have a DLO Disability Liaison Officer?

    If you do have a DLO at the college do go and speak to them, they can help setup any assistance you need, such as a note taker, tutor, access to lap tops with specialized computer programs installed, and they can also speak to your teachers and give them tips on how to help you.

    If the college does not have a DLO, then you need to speak to the teachers & lectures yourself. The key is to know how the dyslexia affects you, and then give them strategies that can help you.
    Such as teachers/lecturers to email class-notes etc via email, so you can pre-read the notes, and as they speak you can highlight key points etc.
    Or they print class-notes on light coloured paper, and if possible in Comic Sans size 14 (which is a dyslexic friendly)
    When their writing on the board and students are to copy, write each paragraph in a different colour, which means you can try to keep up and wont rewrite a sentence/paragraph.
    If your struggling if taking notes see if someone in the class who’s handwriting is neat ask them if they would mind giving a copy of them each day (you will need to explain why)
    Or take a lap top into class with you so can copy straight from the board to the computer.
    Use computer programs that have specialized programs installed that helps with, reading, writing, spelling, speech to text etc (I use TextHelp Read & Write Gold)
    When purchasing books ask if you can get it in a eBook, which means the computer can read it to you.
    When reading text books try coloured overlays, they might reduce the glare, headaches & fatigue, and take notes as you go, or if you own the books highlight key points as you go.
    Spelling, take a dictionary into class with you, and print off the Spelling Rules, Frequently Misspelled Words, Homophones, Frequently Confused Words, laminate them and keep a copy in with your books and one for home. (see link below)
    Assignments, try to do a little on them each day, DON’T leave it till the last minute, tick off each question/section as you go. Have a trusted friend proof read you assignments, some teachers are happy to see a draft copy.

    I did Allied Health Assistant a few years ago, and medical terminology was a nightmare, but I found it very helpful to copy off the med terminology glossary and kept in with my notes. And one of the links I have provided is excellent interactive website, which can help you remember your bones, muscles etc.

    Hope this helped a little and good luck with your nursing course