Analysis this article?

“The Depression did little to alter the role of women in the American workplace. According to the 1930 census almost eleven million women, or 24.3 percent of all women in the country, were gainfully employed. Three out of every ten of these working women were in domestic or personal service. Of professional women three-quarters were schoolteachers or nurses. The 1940 census did not post dramatic changes in the numbers of working women: thirteen million women, or 25.4 percent of all women over the age of fourteen, worked. […] Women in the 1930s in fact entered the workforce at a rate twice that of men—primarily because employers were willing to hire them at reduced wages. In unionized industries, however, women fared better.”

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One Response to Analysis this article?

  1. Lost in time says:

    Use Numbers not words to show how many
    1,000,000 – 11,000,000
    Number written using numbers is remembered longer by the reader than numbers words
    Other than that not a bad article of woman in the work place
    You kept it short and to the point