advice about nursing home/rehab?

my mom just had major surgery to remove part of an infected bone and they sent her to a rehab center to heal for about 12 days well her first night there (last night) she accidently wet the bed. she tried to get the nurse but they never came. well in the morning she told them and all they did was wipe the bed off. she was left in her pee soaked gown her bandages over her wound were urine soaked as were her blankets for almost 12 hours. she called my dad after they failed to clean her and my dad rushed there and blew a gasket and forced them to clean her, her bandages and the bedding. also they skipped her lunch time meds so she was in pain for over 4 hours and they just ignored her pleas. they hardly ever go in her room. its just insane. what can we do? please any advice would help
btw my mom isnt elderly she is in her 40′s its just the surgery was very major and i guess they felt suit to send her there this time. this is her 3rd surgery for the same thing. i already said this is the last time if it comes back we are seeking new doctors

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  1. Stuart says:

    Most states have an ombudsman specifically devoted to overseeing nursing homes. You can research under your state’s public health department to see if your state has such a department.

    In the meantime, it’s clear that your mother is not getting the level of care your family expects for her. I’d recommend that you move her to another facility, if she’s able to travel.

    Down the road, your family can address your issues with the rehab place and deal with them then. For now, let’s get your mom someplace safe.

    - Stuart

  2. kitty says:

    The state she is in has a nursing home complaint office. Do a web search “complain about a nursing home in ________”. You have to complain to the state about this and also if you want, consult an elder care lawyer for a “free” consultation. In other words don’t pay for a consultation. Look around for an ad or in phone book where you can get a free one.

  3. Robert says:

    Get her out of there!
    Deal with complaints and disputes later, her immediate safety is the FIRST concern.

    Dealing with nursing homes as I have had to do for my parents, I’ve learned that complaints to the nursing staff or the administration usually just result in a band-aid fix that takes care of the problem for that sift on that day. In really bad situations, the staff retailates against the elder by victimizing him or her further.

    Get her out, then lodge formal complaints!